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June 21, 2005

Attempted BF2 Autobalance Hack

Filed under: Games,Python — steegness @ 7:25 am

If anyone out there cares, here’s my attempted fix at keeping CO’s and SL’s from being autobalanced off their teams in Battlefield 2. It is not yet tested, but there may be people who care googling out there. 🙂

The following is how the end of onPlayerDeath() should look from

team2 = team2 * bf2.serverSettings.getTeamRatioPercent() / 100.0
if g_debug: print 'team1 %f team2 %f' % (team1,team2)
if not(p.isSquadLeader()) and not(p.isCommander()):
	if (p.getTeam() == 1):
		if (team2+1) < team1:
	elif (p.getTeam() == 2):
		if (team1+1) < team2:

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