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August 6, 2010


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I find myself in Allentown once more.  It is the second time in just over a month.

This past week, Emma was out at a camp, so Julie took the time of half-the-kids and went a little crazy with the paint.  I joined in the fun as well, and now Sara has a fresh bedroom (pink/yellow), Emma has a fresh bathroom (blue) and we all can share a fresh living room (brown). 

Today I took off from work so we could trek up here to Allentown early: this allowed Julie to go out with her father and brother to the DCI’s, a national drum corp competition.  Sara, Sighgus, and I are back at the house.  Thus far we’ve watched some TV, played some DS games, and taught ourselves to play Frere Jacques on the piano (I CAN STILL READ MUSIC… STUNNER!).  Not a bad night.

Tomorrow, we watch Emma’s big show and take her home.  No idea what next week will bring with it.  With luck, a nap.

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