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April 11, 2010

My boss told me to change the sign

Filed under: Family,Work — steegness @ 10:35 pm

Another enrollment season is upon me at work; once again, we opened our doors to the students of the Year Not Yet, and with minor exceptions, things went off exceedingly well. We’ve still five more programs to open — two tomorrow — and one more that is coming “at some point”, but we’re out of the thick of things.

I’m trying to progress as a boss. That’s probably where I should stop; I can’t think of anything to say (positive or otherwise) that won’t potentially land me in hot water. Just know that I’m trying to do better.

Home life has been interesting since the Bad Weekend below. Many things have turned around, and I’m finding myself having a renewed sense of purpose thanks to my family (even if work has precluded me from seeing them a whole lot lately). I love my wife and kids, and am extremely grateful for the strength they offer me day in and day out.

There’s more on my mind, but it’s got a different theme, so more to come.

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