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August 4, 2009

Shaping Albums, or Meme Avoidance and Giving In

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There’s a meme floating currently on Facebook, and as I refuse to install an application just to participate in the fun, I’ll be playing along here.

Said meme is “five albums that shaped me”. I’ve been mulling this one for a couple of days, and I think I’ve got enough to work with.

  • Pearl Jam: Ten – Probably one of the first albums that meant something to me more than fun noise. One of the very first CDs that I owned; it was a gift that came with my first CD player, and it came with the big ol’ CD longboxes before they did away with those way back when.
  • George Carlin: Class Clown – This one is the top of the Carlin heap. I played the hell out of this LP, but An Evening With Wally Londo, The Little David Years, and FM/AM (and on the side, Occupation: Foole) are right up there as well. The fact that I could recite these albums by the end of sixth grade probably explains a lot about me.
  • Bill Cosby: Why Is There Air? – Again, this one is a placeholder for a collection, this time including Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow… RIGHT, To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With, Wonderfulness, and I Started Out As A Child. Other kids listened to their tapes of Tone Loc and Tiffany. I spun Cosby and Carlin 33s for hours on end.
  • Temple of the Dog: Temple Of The Dog – My first CD purchase. This CD taught me that music was more than sound: music could be a release, a coping mechanism, a different place and time.
  • Faith No More: Angel Dust – I don’t know if this one shaped me, or if it’s on this list more for the period of time that it represents. I borrowed this tape from my friend Chip for way too long, and the whole CD evokes images of playing ActRaiser in his room.

There you go. Meme accomplished.

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