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May 21, 2009

Yes, this is late, but it’s here.

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This is backdated so I can search on the date. It’s kind of cheating, but it’s meaningful cheating.

Last year, Sara attended a soiree for a kid in her pre-K class at a fire station. It was quite the affair, given the age of the child. His mom told me that her family is of the opinion that anytime you turn “a full hand”, a larger-than-usual party ought to be held. (Base 10 carries the day.) I remember thinking that was an intriguing idea, if not one I’d subscribe to enthusiastically.

Recently, Sara went ahead and turned six years old. I’m still trying to determine what it is about this year, or this birthday, or her, or me, but there’s SOMETHING about this that makes it feel like this birthday is bigger than the past five before it. (Sara operates in Base 12? Maybe.) I don’t really have too much more to add to that equation currently; “something in the air” is all I can muster.

Regardless of the air, birthday wishes are in order. Sara, I wish you to continue to be as happy as you have been, and as happy as you have made me and everyone around you (if it’s physically possible for that much happiness to coalesce in one person). I wish you health, prosperity, but mostly (and I can help with this one) I wish you love.

Happy birthday, Sara. I love you.

(PS: Happy half-birthday, Emma!)

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