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April 24, 2009

A Rough Go

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There are myriad ways I’m a lousy father. I do my best, but I know I fall short. Providence has landed me in the arms of a great woman who is both able and willing to pick up my copious slack in that department.

One way I know I miss the mark is believing my older daughter. She never made it particularly easy with her penchant to exaggerate, just as I know that my fondness for teachers and a general belief in their absolute desire to do what’s best for the children in their care exceeds realistic levels. I kept telling Emma — and myself — that it couldn’t ever be as bad as she describes it. I don’t know what clicked, in her and in me, but something did, and I’m grateful.

To that end, today is my daughters’ last day at Middle River Baptist Child Development Center. I’ve watched this daycare:

  • Let my five year old autistic daughter run a quarter mile home
  • Lose my daughters’ things and try to blame them, changing their story no less than three times in the process
  • Have its teachers set my older daughter up for ridicule and embarassment
  • Send writeups home bearing witness to the bad behavior of my older daughter, only to learn that none of the people who signed as a witness actually saw my daughter do any of the things they described
  • Break their OWN policy in informing the parents that ringworm was discovered in one of their kids, and not see an ounce of apology in the letter that finally did come home

There’s certainly more, ranging from ‘things that got on my nerves’ to ‘why are you a teacher again?’, but I feel that’s a decent bullet point list.

I’m sorry that I didn’t believe my daughter more the first time through, and I’m sorry that my inaction caused her grief. (And if you’re reading, MRBCDC, that is an apology. Not apologizing for how people feel, but rather apologizing for the actions that were in the wrong.) I’ll be working to make it better.

6 Responses to “A Rough Go”

  1. Julz Says:

    And see, Sean, *this* is why you’re wrong. You’re not a lousy father. The lousy father is the one that tries to blame all of this on everyone else, or refuses ever to see the better path.

    Emma, Sara, and Julie are lucky to have you in their family. And we are all lucky to have you in our lives.

    Give everyone a hug from me.

  2. Orklad Says:

    So when do we stop by and make this right with purifying flame?

  3. Junima Says:

    I’ll bring the matches!
    These are MY grandKidlets that we’re talkin’ about here. I still think there should be a suit filed from when Sara was “allowed” to escape, cross three street,
    and got all the way home before she was found.

  4. Orklad Says:

    At the very least, they should be reported to whomever licenses daycare centers for negligence.

    I know someone that runs a daycare, I could even get the number, I bet.


  5. Melissa Says:

    Hi Sean this is Melissa from MRBCCDC. We have a friend in common and I saw you! I hope you don’t mind me writing to you. I am sorry to see the girls go. I did love both of them. There is always room for improvements no matter where you go and we know this. I was not there the day the above things happened, however, I do want to let you know that I wish the best for both of your kids. You are also not a lousy father in my opinion. You provided care for your daughters when you could not be there, provided food when Emma was on a special diet etc… I just wanted you to know that the girls will be greatly missed.

  6. Melissa Says:

    oh and one more thing, licensing did come and investigate just so you know and there is a website you can go to to check out any daycare center before sending your child there. It tells you if they passed or what they fall short on. I do this for my daughter- she does not attend MRBCCDC. Just another helpful hint!