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January 25, 2009

Me and My Cloud

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I’m still trying to figure out where blogs and such fit in the overarching plan of history. It used to be that in order to make your point known to a lot of people, you had to put it in print or be savvy enough that people would listen if you spoke at them (and usually, both were needed). That is no longer the case, of course; we’ve made it so even peons like me can get a word or two out there, ruminating on the nature of history and the world from time to time.

But what am I really adding? What will live on past me? Right now, there’s a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy) portion of me invested into the cloud of information that is The Internet. Three and a half years in this blog/site alone, not to mention* time spent on websites prior to this blog, nor my high school days of BBS** wandering.

What happens if facebook melts away? If sunspots wipe out my blog’s server? If Amazon forgets what I’ve purchased in the past? There’s a LOT of me hanging out there in various guises, and it won’t have anywhere near the same impact if I take it and print it out for posterity (presuming the ink doesn’t fade).

This is where my mind goes when I’m up too late.

*an odd construct, don’t you think? I mean, I’m mentioning it RIGHT THERE.
**kids, ask someone older than 30, but younger than 55 or so.

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