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November 18, 2008

Milestones: A Full Hand

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Sara went to a birthday party last year. It was a large-ish event, in a fire hall. The kids got to ride the fire truck around, balloons abounded, and the hall was decked out in fire-themed stuff; an impressive soiree for a five-year-old. The boy’s mother explained that in her family, any time you made it a full hand, they’d go all out.

Today marks my sixth full hand.

I’m in the midst of a week off of work simply because I can, and I’ve got the vacation to burn. Today I went in to the office (strictly for cake), and took my mom around to see the place and meet my co-workers. She too took the day off, marking a personal labor day. We ate lunch in Fells Point.

Julie asked me later where I wanted to go out for dinner. Had I known that was in the works, I might not have eaten as much with my mom. We ended up staying in.

Birthdays take a decreased significance once you have kids (they are not unique in this respect, birthdays). Thirty years is a feat, no doubt, but there’s little fanfare to mark the occasion anymore. I don’t THINK that’s me whining about it, but reading over it, it kind of sounds like it. I maintain that today was a good day, really, despite whatever else I may say. 🙂

One Response to “Milestones: A Full Hand”

  1. Junima Says:

    I had a great time! Even getting “flurried” on!
    You are a wonderful young man, and I am more than proud to call you my son. You are a good person, and that’s the highest compliment. It was great to see where you worked; everyone there was so nice, and if I had buttons, they would have popped, with all the nice things your co-workers said about you. I am so glad I took my personal Labor Day off!