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November 3, 2008

They call me Mover. I move things.

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Two sets of friends: relocated.

No more moving on consecutive weekends anymore, OK kids? My arms and chest are talking at me funny.

3 Responses to “They call me Mover. I move things.”

  1. Jason Says:

    So… did I mention were were moving to Chase, MD next weekend, and really need a hand unloading?

    I kid! I kid!

  2. Jason Says:

    Also – this post somehow strikes me funnier than it should, because I’m in the midst of playing a piece of Legend abandonware called Superhero League of Hoboken, where if you try to move furniture in a room, it will in fact tell you that moving furniture is not one of your superpowers.

  3. steegness Says:

    Chase, I’d do. I’m all for a local move for once.

    Chevy Chase, no. Chase, yes.