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September 30, 2008

Thoughts on Arizona

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The restroom of the Phoenix airport smelled like Pez. This was pleasing, until a coworker pointed out that such a similarity can make you wonder about one of two things: what’s in the air freshener that is Pez-like, or (more chillingly) what’s in Pez that is restroom-like?

“It’s a dry heat” is surprisingly valid*.
*offer not valid in your car

With great determination, people can overcome their natural tendencies. It’s hard though, when everything in your brain screams NO WRONG BAD. I’ve great confidence in the staff at ACA, but their brains are not wired to do what I was sent to help them to do, which will make the process more difficult than it probably should be.

I ate BBQ ribs for the first time.

An in-car GPS is the key to wandering an unknown city by car (Mesa is not packed tightly enough to travel far on foot).

I bought Wii Fit from a mall store in Mesa, mainly because I had yet to see a copy in the wild anywhere. Luckily it works, because returning it would’ve been rough. It just barely fit into my luggage (a carry-on bag gifted to me by a former boss [if you’re Skwid: it was Jud]).

5 Responses to “Thoughts on Arizona”

  1. Skwid Says:

    I am Skwid, and I miss that old Southern bastard. I hope he’s well, and I wish he hadn’t fallen off the edge of the world.

    Also: how the hell did you manage to avoid eating BBQ ribs to this point? AlsoAlso: Why?

  2. steegness Says:

    I miss him too. I mostly miss his sensibilities, though thankfully I can now look at Dilbert and think “that’s about someone else’s office” now.

    On ribs: BBQ sauce in general never really appealed to me (still doesn’t all that much), so anything dripping with the stuff was generally shunned. But my boss raved about the ribs at this one polace in Mesa (‘El Paso’ somethingorother, which I didn’t go to, because I forgot the name; I went ‘Texas Roadhouse’ instead), and I figured I ought to give it a shot.

    They were decent. I’d get them again.

  3. jo ann Says:

    jo ann confirms (for those who will be more likely to believe her than sean) mesa is not packed tightly enough to travel on foot.

  4. steegness Says:


  5. Skwid Says:

    Try dry-rub ribs, sometime. Tasty rib meat, no (or very little) sauce!