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February 25, 2008

This post, in lieu of sleep

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Over three weeks since the last post. Oddly indicative of how I’ve been feeling about my computer time in general, really.

Discounting the flu-like symptoms that knocked me on my ass since I posted last, my outlook on my computer has been all sorts of different for 2008. I suppose if I had to pin the blame somewhere, it’s the fact that I go into an office for nine hours a day now, and my schedule (as compared to 2007) is pretty radically altered along with it. I don’t know if that’s the WHOLE puzzle, but I know it’s a significant piece. I look at my PC and think “Do I really want to?”, end up answering “No”, and continuing on to other things (often sleep). I don’t know why tonight is different, but hey, take it while you can.

In random news:

I have a Juniata license plate now. Tess sports a pair of plates similar to the one seen here (for MD), but my number is … 0003. Not shabby.

Thursday was a company happy-hour event at Mustang Alley’s (a bowling alley/bistro two blocks from the office). I believe I whupped everyone, and that my team whupped every other team (with the snow on Friday, schools closed and I didn’t go into the office, so I don’t know the official results). Julie was also exposed to the madness that is “My Co-Workers”, and vice versa. I think the night went swimmingly.

Jodi’s surprise birthday party came to pass (yesterday). She was not surprised, though I was able to startle her. I consider that a win.

We are now in the Week of Perfect Health. Anything that seems like sickness coming from my family must obviously be a farce, since we don’t have benefits this week, and are therefore pictures of perfect health.

My desk will be moving, probably this week. I’m one of many moves that fall in a three-week re-arrange-apalooza. I’m not going to recognize my office soon, which is saying something, since I’ve barely been around long enough to recognize it at all.

2 Responses to “This post, in lieu of sleep”

  1. julz Says:

    I am generally supportive of your distancing yourself from the computer…though it has made contacting you about my travel plans oddly difficult, since I am so accustomed to gchat that I find myself constantly trying to catch you online instead of sending you an email…

    Glad to hear about the perfect health, farce or not. 😉 Someone should experience it!

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