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November 29, 2007


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Today was notification day for the reduction in force.
I got tapped.

More to come, believe it.

11 Responses to “RIFed”

  1. Skwid Says:

    Man, do I ever feel your pain.

  2. Ben Says:


    …. because Verizon finally noticed you were one of the few people they still had who knew what the hell he was doing?

  3. Julz Says:

    Wow. I’m…dumbfounded.

  4. Skwid Says:

    Ironically, I also feel sorry for Patricia. I mean, of all of us, she’s the last one I would have wanted to be left alone with this mess.

  5. steegness Says:

    Seriously. Right this second though, I’m angrier than I am despondent.

    When I hear heads rolled in Tampa too, I might get back to depression.

  6. Junima Says:

    I am ashamed of the company that I worked for for so many years.

  7. heather Says:

    My mother works in the Coin division housed in the Altoona office. She’s lived in daily fear for the last 15+ years.
    I feel your anger man… I grew up with it.

  8. HSantal Says:

    Having gone through this twice I feel for you.
    Things happen for a reason. Make the best of it.

  9. Orklad Says:

    That’s what you get for not living in Tampa and being incompetent.

    Let that be a lesson to you.

  10. Ian Says:


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