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October 7, 2007

Women’s Volleyball

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Today I got to enjoy a sport that I haven’t really had much chance to see since college: Juniata women’s volleyball (if you couldn’t have mostly guessed that from the title — I fail at suspense). JC was in town for a Landmark Conference tournament at Goucher College. We took on Catholic University and wiped them out in straight sets.

Afterwards my loving wife allowed me to have dinner with some of the Juniata people present at the game. Most were local, but Katie P. (now D.) and her husband made the drive down from Juniata, as this was technically an official alumni event (and she’s Director of Alumni Relations) (and he’s a prof at JC) (and they’re both swell people).

In not-totally-unrelated news, I must use this space to once again announce how my mom rocks, and is always there when we need her most. Thanks, Mom.

One Response to “Women’s Volleyball”

  1. Julz Says:

    Go Mom.

    Also, cool about seeing Juniata folks.

    The alumni event for Desdemona will be Thursday evening, November 15th. Not that you have to come that particular date, but it would be another opportunity to see cool Juniata folks.