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September 10, 2007

On A Noose and Outrage

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The background: ‘Speak-out’ urged over noose at UM (

The reaction: WHA?

I like to imagine myself as a pretty tolerant fellow, and one who can recognize intolerance when it rears its ugly head. But man, the media circus that’s following around the indignant outrage circus has got me totally baffled.

The assistant editor of the Black Explosion newspaper, who reported the noose to police Friday, said Monday that it appeared even smaller in person than it did in a photo published this week in the Diamondback student newspaper.

“Whoever tied it wasn’t a great noose-maker, let’s put it that way,” said Ajan Brown, 21, a sophomore journalism major from Seattle. Still, Brown said it resembled a lynching noose “enough to be offensive to me.”

There’s a frenzy over a small poorly-knotted rope. An honest-to-god frenzy. I’m still shaking my head at this. There are calls for a community forum to voice outrage over a badly-made noose that no one noticed for two weeks.

Here’s what you should take to the forum: the knowledge that you’re looking at a piece of rope, as well as the knowledge that reading any more into it than that ascribes more to the onlooker than the ropemaker. If the ropemaker is a racist (which I’ll conjecture for the purpose of the rest of this sentence), you can say that he is a pox on society and does not represent his fellow racists well, as he can’t fashion a good noose, nor put it in a more visible area to express his racism.

It’s a rope. If it were put there by a racist, then the racist did a poor job, and you have nothing to fear from his narrow (and apparently small) mind. Please get back to class.

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