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June 21, 2007

Productivity501 Updates To WordPress

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I wrote about P501 before, in a review of their services in an attempt for an iPod Shuffle (because I’m a cold materialistic bastard in addition to being a consumer of productivity blogs). I don’t think I’ll ever win, as the target number of reviews was 150, and to date, there are 18. 😛

Today they earn another mention because it looks like they moved off of TypePad and on to WordPress. I was tipped off by virtue of the new install pinging every trackback during import (hence the new comment on the post that’s three months old).

The main reason for the re-mention is that one of my bigger complaints with the site was that its layout and archive system both left much to be desired, owing (primarily) to the TypePad platform on which the site was hosted. Moving to WordPress solved those issues in a hurry, and the site is much more visitor-friendly now. Now you can actually explore and such. Huzzah.

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