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February 25, 2006

Speaks In Code

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A lot of little things are going on, coding-wise. (That was the cue for the general audience of this blog to disengage your brain.)

Julz asked me to solve a problem for her. Well, more specifically, she asked if I knew of a way to keep her from doing tedious manual labor, and since I didn’t have an answer, I created one. Bonus: I now know a little about IMAP mailboxes.

Tactical Gamer got an update of its BF2 Reserved Slot system, which allows the folks who help pay the bills to get onto an otherwise full Battlefield2 server. Those revisions will be submitted to the folks in charge tomorrow.

For a disaster recovery test at work today, I tinkered up a PHP page based on my Excellence Award-nominated archive system (since I couldn’t get the normal, everyday use database bindings to work). It ran the results of both tests (production and recovery) side by side, so the comparison of the results was a snap.

In future news, the Counter-Strike game officer has an idea on how to populate one of the private servers, and page_admin (my utility to call an admin to a game server if a problem player is ruining a game) will likely be adapted to the task. More to come on that, maybe.

One Response to “Speaks In Code”

  1. Julz Says:

    Someday, Sean, I want you to teach me some of what you know. Just a little.

    Maybe we can start with HTML lessons and progress from there. 🙂