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February 6, 2006 2.0

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So, my little Sourceforge effort has picked up a new developer who whizbanged it up to 2.0.

Changelog includes:
* Queries updated to use new request formats, and challenge numbers.
* SRCDS._any_response(QUERY) now supports multi-packet responses.
* SRCDS.__init__() now supports hostnames as well as ip.
* SRCDS.__init__() also supports timeout=secs argument, to specify upd/tcp socket timeouts.
* SRCDS now fully supports HL1 servers (with automatic discovery of hl
version), with HLDS subclassed from SRCDS for backwards compatibility
* No longer attempts tcp connection unless required for HL2 RCON
* RCON support almost completely rewritten:
* More accurate RCON password checking for Source
* Fixed multi-packet TCP recv bug from 1.01
* HL1 RCON support added (with automatic discovery of hl version)
* SRCDS.status() method rewritten without StringIO module
* Better Exception raising
* Some other minor bugfixes

Girlscoutcookie did a hell of a job bringing the library back up to speed with the changes that Valve made to the server processes. This also drove me to learn a little about CVS, as the files are now version-controlled via SourceForge.

Collaboration is the wave of the future. Or plastics. I forget which.

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