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June 13, 2013

Done With Middle School

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Today was Emma’s 8th grade promotion ceremony. Well, it was mostly a long list of award-handouts with a pace that made the Oscars seem like that guy who did the MicroMachines commercials, but there was in fact a part where they confirmed she made it out of middle school alive.

I was up in the balcony; while I wasn’t late, I was later than everyone else taking up all the space on the ground level. Emma didn’t spot me as she walked in. She looked, I waved, but the connection was never made.

Not until WELL into the event, when they actually called the named of every student (by homeroom), and Emma stood and turned, and shortly thereafter they finished the names and the applause started… I don’t know if I was especially loud, or somehow distinct, but she found me as I clapped, and she lit up.

And there was my little girl, smiling up at me. My baby all over again.