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January 10, 2008

That Post I Owe You

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As it’s been pointed out, I’ve been derelict in my posting duties since announcing the new job. I was all too aware of this myself; I’d be looking at my blog and thinking to myself, “Man, I’d write something, but I’m just BEAT.” And so thoughts went unwritten, until now. And Grey’s Anatomy is on now too… coincidence?

First, on New Year’s:
The brouhaha that normally is December 31st (and surrounding days) failed to appear this year. Between psychos, work, lack of money, and getting sidetracked to Florida while coming down from Connecticut, the population of the party was far thinner than years past (especially when compared to last year’s shindig). A sum total of five people who do not normally live in our house were willing and able to attend (though a sixth put in a showing on the morning of the 1st). On the plus side, I’ve got a lot of liquor and beer now.

Next, the job:
The job is good times. Hard workin’ times, to be sure, but good. It’s remarkably nice to read Dilbert and think that it’s about OTHER PEOPLE now.

I have something akin to a cubicle, but bigger and more open, and with a window (through which actual light comes!). There are some photos below the cut at the end of the post, if you’re interested. Thus far I’ve been able to wow folks with my Excel wizardry and Access prowess (the latter I really kinda forgot I even had), and they have me assisting with interviews (one so far, another coming up next week), since the new person will be spending a lot of time pulling me out of their back pocket. Me, I’m just thrilled that there are people to talk to. Working from home was nice and all, but the reason I did it was mainly because no one interacted with me when I was in the office with VZ (owing primarily to the wholesale team being scattered to the four corners of the earth, and less to personality conflicts or whatnot). I like people, and getting to be around them again is really quite nice.

I’m in the office for around 9-10 hours or so, depending on the day, at least for the time being. I’m not only trying to make a halfway decent impression, but there’s a LOT to learn. The systems there are complex the way the back of an entertainment center is complex: at any given point, the answer is obvious — connect a wire from one spot to another — but when you add it all up, the system can get pretty severe. The good news (well, a piece of the many bits of good news) is that the people there like what they do and work hard for their results. Vibes are contagious.

Every now and again I get a whiff of how things are back with the old career, and it sure does paint a picture where I’m the lucky one for having been tapped on the shoulder back in November.

I’m tired, but it’s a good tired. A worthy tired. And I hope that explains the lull in posting.


December 28, 2007

Marcus Erroneous

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Please note the new item in the blogroll. I’m hoping that by pointing it out like this, it’ll make Mark actually update it more than once every two years.

November 19, 2007

Too Cool

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My birthday was yesterday. I was in Pittsburgh (as you may know). My wife and kids called, but so too did my best friend Ian. This made me feel good, but also crappy, since I’m a horrible failure at acknowledging birthdays of others.

And now I find that Emma and I received birthday props over at Ian’s food blog. Too awesome.

The Eight Days That Were

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This past week-ish has seen a lot of activity for me.

Last weekend the family went up to Huntingdon for a JC-DC Alumni Club return to campus. Julie and the girls went on a tour of campus with me, and we ate lunch in Baker… first time in around ten years for me (since I was gone junior year and off-campus senior year). Emma fell in love with the fact that she was able to have pasta and fruit loops for lunch, as much as she wanted, with as much ice cream and cookies as well. I was reminded that that even though the quality wasn’t always the best ever, Baker life was good life.

I went back to campus in the evening for a musical, followed by a reception afterwards. I went solo for that, which was a good thing, as the production — while not strictly family UNfriendly, would have left me with no small amount of awkward explaining to do. The reception was a nice chance to mingle: I got a chance to talk with President Kepple about the future of the college as well as to present students about thier Juniata journeys. Good times.

Monday was a gigantic college fair downtown. The JC counselor actually offered me an out; the fair had a morning session that was very slow, and she wasn’t expecting a lot of action in the evening from the chatter she was overheard. I went anyway and had a great time: lots of good students, lots of cards filled out, lots of energy. College fairs are always a blast.

Thursday found me in Savage, MD, at Ram’s Head, for a JC-DC Happy Hour. A byproduct of being forced into the office was making my participation in that event possible. I saw number of JC grads that I had either never seen before or hadn’t seen in a long time, and four folks that I had seen just the weekend before.

Saturday was another JC connection day, as the first official planning meeting of the Baltimore-based Juniata Alumni Club took place down in Fells Point. After two hours we got a lot of good ideas, as well as one event on the new year’s calendar and two more in the works (if you’re free on the evening of Jan 26th and can make it to Goucher College, let me know). That meeting was followed immediately by a solo drive up to Pittsburgh, where I went to cast party and then crashed on Julz’s couch so that I could catch the Sunday matinรฉe of (and final performance of) Desdemona. Good times that.

I drive back home afterward and got to see the kids before bed, and then played on the Wii with Julie for a bit. Happy birthday to me.

I’m both loving and distressed by how energized I am after all of this. Stuff like this doesn’t pay as well as my present job. ๐Ÿ™‚

November 7, 2007

To quote Julz, quoting me, “awesomesauce”.

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Julz’s entry (and a direct link to the news: Feminist vision of “Othello”).

October 22, 2007

Things I Like A Bunch – St. Louis Wedding Edition

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  • All my ladies dressed up with someplace to go
  • Ian’s ability to deliver a speech, and with it, the goods
  • Dreams of being a flowergirl fulfilled
  • Having dozens of ideas for a best man speech, and using none of them
  • How I look in a tuxedo. Damn.
  • Being Co-Best-Man
  • The view from 630 feet
  • Close, personal encounters with penguins (and Sara’s reaction thereto)
  • Philosopher chimps

To Ian and Brooke, I wish nothing but the best. Congratulations, and all my love and support.

October 7, 2007

Women’s Volleyball

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Today I got to enjoy a sport that I haven’t really had much chance to see since college: Juniata women’s volleyball (if you couldn’t have mostly guessed that from the title — I fail at suspense). JC was in town for a Landmark Conference tournament at Goucher College. We took on Catholic University and wiped them out in straight sets.

Afterwards my loving wife allowed me to have dinner with some of the Juniata people present at the game. Most were local, but Katie P. (now D.) and her husband made the drive down from Juniata, as this was technically an official alumni event (and she’s Director of Alumni Relations) (and he’s a prof at JC) (and they’re both swell people).

In not-totally-unrelated news, I must use this space to once again announce how my mom rocks, and is always there when we need her most. Thanks, Mom.

October 2, 2007

Things that have happened since my last post

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  • In-Laws and Grand-In-Laws came to spend the night
  • The girls started taking martial arts classes (in Emma’s case: add “again”)
  • I attended a pair of college fairs, and helped with off-campus interviews
  • Work ate my brain. Guess technically it’s still doing that, though…
  • It became October
  • Julie went to Atlantic City (and lost ๐Ÿ™ )
  • I took the girls to see Ratatouille
  • The Mets lost a playoff spot in AMAZING fashion
  • I discovered Verizon’s Games On Demand (and my employee discount)
  • I got sized for a tux

There’s probably more, and it’s interesting and all. But I refer you to the fourth item for my failure to communicate the interesting things.

September 7, 2007

It only LOOKS quiet

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It was pointed out to me that I have been derelict in posting. Yes, Julie is better. ๐Ÿ™‚ She had a stomach-ick-thing that knocked her down for a day, but she has ling since been back to her old self.

This past weekend included a trip north into two states (PA and NY), and with said states visits with the family on Julie’s side of the tree, including my sister-in-law’s parents (going a little further out on the family tree limb than we usually do) and a stop at Knoebel’s amusement park. Overall, a fine labor day weekend.

School has kicked into gear in earnest for both girls. “First Day of School” pictures available on request. On the kid front, we’ve also purchased dresses for them to wear at Ian’s wedding. So now aside from a tux for me, all that should be left is packing and getting on the plane.

Thus ends the silence, and this update.

August 27, 2007

I think I stole nail clips

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I think I stole a set of Julz’s nail clips when we were at the river. I had brought one of my own, and I took one of theirs thinking it was in fact that one of my own. Looking through my laptop bag today, I see that MY clips were in there… leading me to believe I’m a damn dirty thief.

Mea culpa.

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