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June 13, 2013

Done With Middle School

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Today was Emma’s 8th grade promotion ceremony. Well, it was mostly a long list of award-handouts with a pace that made the Oscars seem like that guy who did the MicroMachines commercials, but there was in fact a part where they confirmed she made it out of middle school alive.

I was up in the balcony; while I wasn’t late, I was later than everyone else taking up all the space on the ground level. Emma didn’t spot me as she walked in. She looked, I waved, but the connection was never made.

Not until WELL into the event, when they actually called the named of every student (by homeroom), and Emma stood and turned, and shortly thereafter they finished the names and the applause started… I don’t know if I was especially loud, or somehow distinct, but she found me as I clapped, and she lit up.

And there was my little girl, smiling up at me. My baby all over again.

May 21, 2011

Eight Years Ago Today

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I wasn’t raptured today, which is a good thing, because I had something else to do today.

Today marks eight years since I got a second light in my life.  Every moment has been more enlightening and joyous than the last, and I am grateful for the chance to call her my daughter.

Happy Birthday, Sara.  I love you.

October 4, 2010


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New foster at the house.

August 6, 2010


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I find myself in Allentown once more.  It is the second time in just over a month.

This past week, Emma was out at a camp, so Julie took the time of half-the-kids and went a little crazy with the paint.  I joined in the fun as well, and now Sara has a fresh bedroom (pink/yellow), Emma has a fresh bathroom (blue) and we all can share a fresh living room (brown). 

Today I took off from work so we could trek up here to Allentown early: this allowed Julie to go out with her father and brother to the DCI’s, a national drum corp competition.  Sara, Sighgus, and I are back at the house.  Thus far we’ve watched some TV, played some DS games, and taught ourselves to play Frere Jacques on the piano (I CAN STILL READ MUSIC… STUNNER!).  Not a bad night.

Tomorrow, we watch Emma’s big show and take her home.  No idea what next week will bring with it.  With luck, a nap.

April 11, 2010

My boss told me to change the sign

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Another enrollment season is upon me at work; once again, we opened our doors to the students of the Year Not Yet, and with minor exceptions, things went off exceedingly well. We’ve still five more programs to open — two tomorrow — and one more that is coming “at some point”, but we’re out of the thick of things.

I’m trying to progress as a boss. That’s probably where I should stop; I can’t think of anything to say (positive or otherwise) that won’t potentially land me in hot water. Just know that I’m trying to do better.

Home life has been interesting since the Bad Weekend below. Many things have turned around, and I’m finding myself having a renewed sense of purpose thanks to my family (even if work has precluded me from seeing them a whole lot lately). I love my wife and kids, and am extremely grateful for the strength they offer me day in and day out.

There’s more on my mind, but it’s got a different theme, so more to come.

February 8, 2010

A bad weekend.

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For the record, being stuck inside my house this weekend has been hell.

February 4, 2010

An always impressive week

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Within three days of each other, my grandfather has a birthday and my parents have their wedding anniversary. This week is always something else, something special. I never feel like there’s enough I can do to commemorate this week. Any interesting suggestions?

November 21, 2009

Happy birthday, Emma!

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For those keeping score, my eldest daughter has been allowed to live to the ripe old age of ten, as of today. A spa day, a Snuggie, and a cell phone were hallmarks of the day. (Yes, she has her own phone now, lojacked up, of course.)

So to my daughter, upon reaching the turning point of our base 10 numerical system, I wish you a happy birthday, and another awesome year.

July 13, 2009

I’ve got nothing on this one, folks

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I think I lived a fairly normal childhood. While I had a propensity for remaining indoors to play, I also did bowling and baseball for as long as I can remember. I had very few neighborhood friends, owing primarily to the makeup of the neighborhood by the time my parents finally got around to having me, I think, but that didn’t seem to inhibit my social growth (at least, not in my eyes then, nor upon reflection tonight).

I think that’s what makes Emma’s struggles so baffling to me. I’ve been as keen as I can be to offer her every opportunity I had and then some, and still something seems off. Some of it, I know, is her. I won’t deny THAT bit. There always seems, though, like there’s something amiss with the rest of the world as well. Emma, given to drama as she can be, often thinks the world is out to get her, and the more time wears on, the more I think it’s not just all in her head.

I can’t remember — ever — fighting with my friends (at least, not the people I called “friends”; there are some folks that were more than passing acquaintances that made it onto my pre-teen list). I certainly don’t remember having repeated disagreements that led to repeated dissolutions of the same friendship, over and over again. Is this a function of female-to-female friendships? Just Emma? Did everyone else go through this growing up? Am I just quirky (or AWESOME?) enough that I sat in the middle of my web, immune to this common issue? Seriously, I want to know. As it stands, I watch my daughter struggle to keep even one friend, and I worry, because I completely lack a base from which to operate here, and I don’t know if it’s because I had a charmed life or if it’s because Emma’s is particularly uncharmed.

April 24, 2009

A Rough Go

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There are myriad ways I’m a lousy father. I do my best, but I know I fall short. Providence has landed me in the arms of a great woman who is both able and willing to pick up my copious slack in that department.

One way I know I miss the mark is believing my older daughter. She never made it particularly easy with her penchant to exaggerate, just as I know that my fondness for teachers and a general belief in their absolute desire to do what’s best for the children in their care exceeds realistic levels. I kept telling Emma — and myself — that it couldn’t ever be as bad as she describes it. I don’t know what clicked, in her and in me, but something did, and I’m grateful.

To that end, today is my daughters’ last day at Middle River Baptist Child Development Center. I’ve watched this daycare:

  • Let my five year old autistic daughter run a quarter mile home
  • Lose my daughters’ things and try to blame them, changing their story no less than three times in the process
  • Have its teachers set my older daughter up for ridicule and embarassment
  • Send writeups home bearing witness to the bad behavior of my older daughter, only to learn that none of the people who signed as a witness actually saw my daughter do any of the things they described
  • Break their OWN policy in informing the parents that ringworm was discovered in one of their kids, and not see an ounce of apology in the letter that finally did come home

There’s certainly more, ranging from ‘things that got on my nerves’ to ‘why are you a teacher again?’, but I feel that’s a decent bullet point list.

I’m sorry that I didn’t believe my daughter more the first time through, and I’m sorry that my inaction caused her grief. (And if you’re reading, MRBCDC, that is an apology. Not apologizing for how people feel, but rather apologizing for the actions that were in the wrong.) I’ll be working to make it better.

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