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October 5, 2005

A Better Post For JoAnn

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Using Smilies « WordPress Codex

Use this instead. The blog turned all the codes into smiles. 🙂

May 20, 2005

My Poor Wazoo

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Today has been immensely gratifying and very very weird.

I created a coolio tool for pulling old data from a database. It’s pretty slick, if I do say so myself. Considering that I didn’t know PHP at all four months ago, it’s pretty damn tight.

Over the past few days — and today in particular — co-workers and management have been gushing over this thing, with “great work” and such out the wazoo. I’m all for accolades and having my horn tooted, but this is getting past the “yeah, I’m great” stage and moving into the “aw shucks, you’re REALLY too kind” realm. What’s scarier is that this little tool was made because another group didn’t get the funding they wanted and I finally knew enough to actually make it myself (I had created something similar before, but it was archaic and prone to issues). The scary part is that I may have saved the company money that reaches into six figures. That freaks me right the hell on out.

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