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June 29, 2006

UselessPython back up!

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After nearly six months of things not working they way that they were supposed to, and me being TOTALLY CLUELESS as to why that was, I finally figured out the issues that were holding UselessPython back, and with their subsequent correction, UP is back on the map!

Over 200 downloads already, and it’s only been back up a day. Feels good. 🙂

February 25, 2006

Speaks In Code

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A lot of little things are going on, coding-wise. (That was the cue for the general audience of this blog to disengage your brain.)

Julz asked me to solve a problem for her. Well, more specifically, she asked if I knew of a way to keep her from doing tedious manual labor, and since I didn’t have an answer, I created one. Bonus: I now know a little about IMAP mailboxes.

Tactical Gamer got an update of its BF2 Reserved Slot system, which allows the folks who help pay the bills to get onto an otherwise full Battlefield2 server. Those revisions will be submitted to the folks in charge tomorrow.

For a disaster recovery test at work today, I tinkered up a PHP page based on my Excellence Award-nominated archive system (since I couldn’t get the normal, everyday use database bindings to work). It ran the results of both tests (production and recovery) side by side, so the comparison of the results was a snap.

In future news, the Counter-Strike game officer has an idea on how to populate one of the private servers, and page_admin (my utility to call an admin to a game server if a problem player is ruining a game) will likely be adapted to the task. More to come on that, maybe.

February 6, 2006 2.0

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So, my little Sourceforge effort has picked up a new developer who whizbanged it up to 2.0.

Changelog includes:
* Queries updated to use new request formats, and challenge numbers.
* SRCDS._any_response(QUERY) now supports multi-packet responses.
* SRCDS.__init__() now supports hostnames as well as ip.
* SRCDS.__init__() also supports timeout=secs argument, to specify upd/tcp socket timeouts.
* SRCDS now fully supports HL1 servers (with automatic discovery of hl
version), with HLDS subclassed from SRCDS for backwards compatibility
* No longer attempts tcp connection unless required for HL2 RCON
* RCON support almost completely rewritten:
* More accurate RCON password checking for Source
* Fixed multi-packet TCP recv bug from 1.01
* HL1 RCON support added (with automatic discovery of hl version)
* SRCDS.status() method rewritten without StringIO module
* Better Exception raising
* Some other minor bugfixes

Girlscoutcookie did a hell of a job bringing the library back up to speed with the changes that Valve made to the server processes. This also drove me to learn a little about CVS, as the files are now version-controlled via SourceForge.

Collaboration is the wave of the future. Or plastics. I forget which.

September 28, 2005

Tactical News

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Tactical News

A failed experiment a few months ago had the TacticalGamer forums poulated with USENET feeds from various game- and technology-related sources. On the TG forums, USENET caused a pretty major bloat and made certain functionality all but useless (like “New Posts”, for example). It was a nice idea, but ultimately scrapped in favor of general usability.

Apophis has reborn that USENET experience in a new site, Tactical News. I’m pleased, because this is how I did comp.lang.python interaction. Neater still is that it seems mailing lists can be incorporated into the forum structure, making TN a one-stop shop for outside community needs.

Excellent work, Apophis.

September 22, 2005

Reserved Slots go into effect tonight

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Reserved Slots go into effect tonight.. – Tactical Gamer – Battlefield 2 – General Discussion

And hooray for that. It’s something that will make a pretty big difference in Battlefield2 gaming at TacticalGamer, since it will give the admins the ability to admin instead of clear slots on the server for Supporting Members.

Yay for me and stuff. 🙂

August 26, 2005

Squadless Kick 2.1 Available

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Plugin:mm squadless kick – TacticalWiki

Yeah, I know most of the people reading this won’t care, but I’m proud of it nonetheless.

It’s a ModManager-compatible plugin for Battlefield2 that boots people off the server for not being in a squad (which is pretty key to decent gameplay, actually). I revamped it when I made it ModManager-compatible, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

So if you don’t care about the code or the game, just be happy that I’m happy. 🙂

June 26, 2005

Join a Squad, Bee-otch.

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Wrapped up another plugin for the TacticalGamer Battlefield 2 server. This one is pretty vicious: if you’re not on a squad when you die, it boots you from the server. So those squadless rambos can still go ahead and be squadless rambos… provided that they never find themselves on the wrong end of a bullet.

I also tricked out the autobalance plugin again, this time to make the size differential dynamic (the more players on the server, the bigger the difference in teams is permitted to be).

Battlefield 2 is my bitch.

June 21, 2005

Attempted BF2 Autobalance Hack

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If anyone out there cares, here’s my attempted fix at keeping CO’s and SL’s from being autobalanced off their teams in Battlefield 2. It is not yet tested, but there may be people who care googling out there. 🙂

The following is how the end of onPlayerDeath() should look from

team2 = team2 * bf2.serverSettings.getTeamRatioPercent() / 100.0
if g_debug: print 'team1 %f team2 %f' % (team1,team2)
if not(p.isSquadLeader()) and not(p.isCommander()):
	if (p.getTeam() == 1):
		if (team2+1) < team1:
	elif (p.getTeam() == 2):
		if (team1+1) < team2:

June 20, 2005

Two Days Until BF2

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BF2 is slated to be delivered directly to my house in two days. The anticipation is palpable. The potential of this game is pretty astounding. And the fact that the plugins are written in Python makes its arrival all the more exciting, since I should be able to do all sorts of cool things with it. 🙂

June 15, 2005

At The Top, Briefly

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For a few shining moments, I was at the top of the weekly stats on uselesspython. seems to be quite the hit.

And, in general, UP downloads are going up: they were at about 100 per day or so. As of this post, the weekly number is 921, about 131 a day. Sweet. Feels good to make a difference… presuming that’s what I’m doing, of course.

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