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May 2, 2007

Pausing ProTip

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When pausing external plugins from within another AMXX plugin, that “c” flag makes all the difference.
pause("acd", "externalplugin.amxx")
Lawdy that’s key… otherwise, the plugin that CALLED it will be the one that stops, and that isn’t likely to be what you’d like to have happen.

February 9, 2007

Combat Communism 0.23

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Combat Communism has hit version 0.23.

Changes include:

  • Fixed XP not resetting between rounds
  • Drive XP cut to divide a CVAR by the number of players on the server
  • Comment cleanup

Go forth and be well with this knowledge.

November 13, 2006

Combat Communism 0.2

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Combat Communism has gone to version 0.2, and seems to work just ducky.

AMXX coding scares me. Python has spoiled me for the rest of the world.

October 27, 2006

The Wide World of Me

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I know you all are come here hoping to keep updated on all that is me. Every now and again, i try not to disappoint. In no particular order, thoughts on the present:

Sara’s about to change schools and programs again, this time into the program we were hoping to get her into back in May. Earlier, it had been limited to the school’s home area, but they opened it up, and Sara was near the top of the candidate list for coming on in. It’s a good thing transitions don’t affect her much.

Nothing like a reduction in force AND a reorganization to promote productivity and good spirits in the holiday season.

Julie’s digging the new job, aside from having to take a walk outside to pee. There is in fact indoor plumbing, just not in the doors in which Julie works.

My job description is remarkably underwhelming. I do a lot of stuff, but it’s terribly hard to quantify, since it’s mostly “do whatever people want, in report form”.

I own nunchaku now. Finally, my childhood dreams of being the party dude that was Michelangelo can be realized.

I’ve started coding AMXX plugins. I have no clue if they work, but they compile real nice.

I get to move Don again this weekend. I’ve got enough moving karma now that Don alone will need to move everything out of my house should I have need to relocate.