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January 28, 2007

More Greasemonkey Stuff You Probably Don’t Care About

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Yesterday I stayed up authoring this script to help make it easier for people on the Hollow City boards to nominate worthy posts for experience.

And in this lesson, Sean learns that trying to ship a URL with parameters in a mailto link is decidedly tricky. But I figured it out anyway; the trick, for those who care, was to do a encodeURIComponent() on the URL I was trying to send (as part of the email body), and a plain jane encodeURI() on the rest of the arguments.

See title of post for possible relevance to your life.

August 11, 2006

Only Minutes From The Bryce Jordan Center

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This post comes to you straight from the fabulous Comfort Inn of Huntingdon PA. According to their website, I’m scant minutes from Penn State right now. Internet is free, at least. 🙂

Right now is a bit of downtime while others do some food shopping, as we’re checking out of this place that’s next door to PSU and moving into a cabin at Lake Raystown for the remainder of the weekend. So I get to sit and chill for a bit, and write to the blog.

Work already called once today (though to be fair, I don’t expect another call); apparently I really am that indispensible. Wheee.

And, on the programming front: a greasemonkey script to aid with working with the Hollow City forums. No reason for most of you to care, unless you like to read GM-based javascript.